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10 Easy Seasonal Decorating Tips

Decorating for fall, winter, spring, and summer is simple and affordable with our 10 tips for seasonal decorating. If decorating your entire house seems daunting, choose the rooms you spend the most time in — the kitchen and family room — and focus on those. Just a few small changes will make a world of difference in embracing the season.


Look to the Outdoors

Incorporate nature into your seasonal décor. Use pumpkins for fall, evergreens and pinecones for winter, shells for summer, and flowers for spring. This is one of the easiest ways to update your home for the current season.


Change Your Colors

Swap your tablecloths, hand towels, and placemats to colors that reflect the season. Consider winter white, fall red, spring green, and summer pastels.


Seasonal Pillows

Up your throw pillow game! It isn’t necessary to purchase new pillows for every season. Simply buy pillow covers of various colors and seasonal motifs and use the pillows you already have. Changing your pillow covers a few times a year can give your living spaces a whole new look.


Scents of the Seasons

Candles can make your home smell like everything from freshly baked pie to a forest of evergreen trees! If you prefer not to embrace seasonal scents, use the candles you already have and make DIY felt bands to slip around them as symbols of the seasons.


Welcoming Doors

Wreaths are available for every season. Look beyond a simple evergreen, and you’ll find twig and dried flowers for spring, colorful dried flowers for summer, and straw or vines for fall. Be creative and make your own if you have that DIY spirit!


Tantalizing Textures

Throw blankets and pillows in varying textures can evoke feelings of the seasons. Fuzzy, warm throws in winter, chunky knits for fall, lightweight blankets for summer, and cozy, soft throws for spring evenings will enhance the comfort of your home.


Indoor Plants

Plants are fantastic for decorating. Pot those that will provide you with color or gorgeous foliage in decorative arrangements around your home. Paperwhites are traditional for Christmas time, herbs grow wonderfully indoors in the spring, African violets will bloom all summer, and amaryllis is gorgeous in the fall.



Elevate your centerpieces by making a vignette. For example, simply place small pumpkins and gourds at the base of a vase of autumn flowers to tell a story of autumn.


Keep It Simple

If the decorating process becomes too overwhelming, you’ll end up with boxes of lovely decorations stored away in the basement. Choose a few select ideas that you feel you can keep up with and commit to them.


Use Your Own Sense of Style

Is your style contemporary? Rustic? Boho chic? Be true to your individual style when you’re choosing your seasonal décor. This will ensure that your seasonal decorations mesh with the design of your home.


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