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2021 Smart Tech for Your Bathroom

In January of each year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveils the latest technological advances for the coming year. This year, thanks to the pandemic, the event was virtual, but the show must go on. Companies and manufacturers attended the virtual event and showcased their latest smart tech for everything from cloud computing to robotics to … smart bathrooms! Here’s a sampling of some of the amazing innovations for 2021 baths.


Kohler’s Stillness Bath

This voice controlled bathtub will fill your tub to your desired level and temp without you ever touching a handle. It uses a combination of fog, special lighting, and an “Infinity Experience” to relax you. Essential oils diffuse into the air as water flows over onto a wood moat. This spa-level experience comes with a luxury price tag of nearly $16,000.


Moen and Koehler’s Touchless Sinks

While you’d normally find touchless sinks in public spaces, the pandemic is facilitating their move into homes. Using Alexa or Google Home, you can turn this touch-free faucet into much more. Use voice commands to request water at a specific temperature or amount. Moen’s faucet has a handwashing preset that shuts off water for the recommended 20 second lather time recommended by the CDC, and then it turns back on in time for rinsing.


Both Moen and Kohler (co-branded with Phyn) also offer whole-home water monitors. They are installed under the sink and use smart faucets and sensors to detect leaks, collect usage data, and shut off water automatically in an emergency.


TOTO’s Wellness Toilet

This remarkable toilet won’t be commercially available for a few years, but it’s worth mentioning it’s exciting features. In step with TOTO’s “New Normal Way of Life” campaign, this toilet monitors your wellness. When you sit on the seat, the Wellness Toilet will scan your body and “key outputs” to provide recommendations for your wellbeing. The data is tracked in a companion app.


Koehler’s Numi® 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

Use the Kohler Konnect app to create personalized presets for this smart toilet. Set your preferences for water temperature for cleansing, heated seat, ambient lighting, and air freshening. The app connects to Alexa so that you can set the environment you want with voice commands.


The Numi® 2.0 is equipped with automatic flushing, hands-free closing, and UV sanitization. All features we appreciate whether there’s a pandemic or not.


CareOS Themis Mirror

This 10-inch mirror can be mounted or placed on a bathroom vanity, but it does more than show your reflection. The CareOS Themis Mirror contains sensors to assess your skin and health. A UV light analyzes your skin for texture, wrinkles, redness, and more. It offers suggestions to improve your skincare routine based on it’s analysis. It uses an infrared light to check your temperature if you’re ill. The built-in camera detects heart rate, stress levels, and other wellness signs. All of the data generated by the Themis Mirror is collected in the companion iOS or Android app. If you have other smart CareOS products, such as a bathroom scale, you can connect to them via Bluetooth to provide more data.


As for its main purpose, it provides a clear reflection and warm and cool LED lighting. The mirror will be available later this year.