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2023 Interior Design Predictions

With the new year upon us, fresh styles in interior design are starting to rise to fame while the popularity of older trends is starting to fade out. While only time will tell exactly how these shifting design practices will play out, some early predictions can be made based on trending preferences we’ve already started to notice.


Why do design trends seem to change every year? It should be no surprise that our approach to our living environment mirrors changes in our daily lives and culture. The way we view our homes has changed in the wake of the pandemic with an increased value placed on privacy, self-care, and designated closed-door areas for working or taking classes from home. Now as we slowly return to normalcy, the demands we make of our living spaces also start to shift again. The psychology of color and the way certain shapes, patterns, or textures make us feel also affect how the finer details change with time.


If you’re planning a new home improvement project, whether it be a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, or upgrading another living space in your home, you’ll want to keep a close eye out on which trends are only going up and which ones we’ve decided to leave in 2022.


Some Trends are Here to Stay

Trends should not be confused with fads, which spike in popularity and then fade away quickly. Instead, trends tend to stick around for a while. It should be no surprise that some of the popular interior design elements we know and love from 2022 are here to stay. We expect that these design preferences will continue to develop and become richer, better executed, and even further ingrained into current style choices.


Nature-Inspired Organic Shapes & Materials

Those who went all in on biophilic designs in the last few years won’t be disappointed; all signs point to nature-inspired designs being here to stay. Large, well-placed windows with plenty of natural light, live-edge tables or imperfect stumps being used as end tables, and natural stone countertops are still very much in style. Bringing the outdoors inside has a calming, soul-fulfilling effect that hasn’t lost its charm yet.


Cool, Soothing Color Palettes

With so much uncertainty still shaking the world, decorating the home in soothing colors brings much needed comfort to the inhabitants. Watered down blues and greens help bring more natural, ocean-like elements into a space and studies have indicated that these colors have calming effects on the mind. Warmer pastels, like soft pinks or pale browns, can also help to create a cozy atmosphere and are still on trend.


More Island Space

Bigger is still better! We’ve shared before about the rising popularity of double islands in the kitchen and this trend looks like it’s here to stay. Most kitchens still function as multipurpose areas so extra counter space is needed to accommodate the many demands being made. We expect kitchen islands to continue to increase in size as much as the footprint of the home allows.


Design for Wellness

Self-care isn’t going out of style any time soon, especially in the bathroom. This trend is continuing to develop with more and more homes seeing towel warming racks, luxurious soaking tubs, and even undercounter refrigerators for beauty products in bathrooms. Making the home a perfect sanctuary for wellness is only on the up and up, so plan on incorporating some luxury and pampering elements into your bathroom remodel.


Out with the Old Trends

As times change, some of the design elements we used to love have started to become dated and no longer reflect the space that people want to live in anymore. Many of these fading trends can be linked to shifts in public values, return to normalcy after the pandemic, and simply getting sick of seeing the same old thing over and over again.


Minimalism and Maximalism

While minimalism has been on a downward trend for a while, it’s time to announce that this longtime trend has officially been laid to rest. Untextured monochromatic looks are being phased out in favor of more character and dimension. There is a fine balance being struck; maximalist styles of layered rugs or crowded wall decor are also on their way out for being too hard to clean and maintain for the average busy person.


Exclusively Light Wood Tones

Light wood tones have been incredibly popular recently, but there’s been a slow shift toward a preference for deeper wood variations. Mixing of different wood tones is also becoming increasingly popular. Sticking to a single, pale wood for the entire home can make the environment feel sterile and uninviting.


Fast Furniture

Quick fads and unsustainable practices are continuing to fall out of favor with the public as interest increases in environmental protection. Cheap, build-it-yourself style furniture is one of the casualties in this social change with homeowners becoming much more interested in buying used or vintage furniture items that will last a lifetime or longer.


At Kitchens by Oaks, we work closely with Candlelight Cabinetry, a brand local to Western New York with amazing sustainability programs. Their semi-custom cabinets are built to last a lifetime, plus the company offers the option to plant ten trees in your name in a national forest with every purchase.


Trends to Watch in 2023

While we don’t have a crystal ball to see the future, we do expect these up and coming interior design trends to take off in popularity this year. Whether it’s in response to an old trend fading away or reflecting a change in public values, there’s little doubt that these trends will be the next big thing. When planning your interior remodel, it might be wise to reference these styles to make sure that you’re future-proofing your home.


Bold Colors and Textures

More and more, gothic style design is making a comeback with a modern twist. Dark, moody wall colors with matching shades, furnishings, and fabrics in the same hue creates a striking image. Deep purple or green are especially popular. If darkness isn’t your thing, bold choices are being made in the countertops with the help of marble. Whether it be unique veining, a pop of color, or both, a detailed marble countertop can create the perfect focal point for your new bathroom or kitchen.


Meaningful Objects as Decor

The core of this rising trend boils down to authenticity. Your hobbies, interests, and family should be the centerpiece of your living area, creating conversational pieces and making you feel at home in your own space. It might involve designing the space around a beloved family heirloom piece or displaying your passion for movies with posters and memorabilia. Regardless of the specifics, bringing your truest self to your living space is on trend.


Art Deco Elements

It’s the Roaring 20s once again! Like fashion, interior design can be cyclical and we’re seeing inspiration from styles of the past come back with a modern twist. Perhaps in response to the decline of minimalism, the decorative elements of Art Deco are seeing increasing favor with homeowners. High-contrast colors, intricate geometric patterns, and pleasing symmetry are hallmarks of this revitalized historic trend.


Upcycled and Thrifted Pieces

Don’t mistake this rising trend with the short-lived fad where consignment store furniture was heavily modified for a modern look. Instead, a more simple, stripped-down approach is on the rise. Affectionately referred to as “old is new”, this trend celebrates nostalgia and simpler times. Thrifted or inherited furniture items are simply being refinished (and paint from those heavy modification days removed) or left natural with a fresh coat of lacquer.


Renovate Your Home with 2023 Trends

While all of these trends, both rising and falling, are a great place to start for inspiration, incorporating them into your home in a way that makes sense is easier said than done. Enlisting the help of our talented interior designers can help you to create a timeless interior that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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