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5 Things to Ask Your Kitchen Designer

Congratulations on deciding to remodel your kitchen! To get the most beautiful and functional kitchen, start by meeting with your Kitchen Designer. At Kitchens by Oaks, our designers look forward to getting to know you and helping you realize the kitchen of your dreams. In preparation, we’ve come up with a list of questions you’ll probably have for us, a few answers, and what you can do to prepare for our design discussion.


How much will this cost?

This is the magic question, isn’t it? We design kitchens across a multitude of budgets. It’s up to you to consider your home value, and what you want in your new kitchen. Our job is to take your budget and present you with options that meet your needs and fit your budgetary requirements.


Are you part of the National Kitchen and Bath Association?

The NKBA provides members with the latest trends, research, and tools to provide excellent kitchen and bath designs to their customers. Kitchens by Oaks is a member of NKBA, and we have some NKBA Certified Designers.


How do I know what my design style is?

There are several types of kitchen designs, including French Country, Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, to name a few. Many kitchens are a blend of styles. Your designer will look at your home and space with you and help you determine the right direction to go in.


The best way to prepare for choosing your kitchen style is to share images with us. Do you have a Pinterest board? Pinterest is a great way for you to save all your kitchen inspiration photos. It’s easy to set up an account and start pinning online images! Other sources might be pages from magazines or photos of friends’ kitchens. All these images will help us refine an idea of the styles you prefer and give us ideas for your new kitchen design.


Should I look at new appliances?

It’s up to you whether you choose new appliances. BUT. If you are considering new ones, it’s a good idea to decide and pick your appliances before we get too far into your kitchen design. The dimensions of your appliances will be factored into the overall design of the room.


What kind of layout do you suggest for my kitchen?

We will have some questions for you before we can answer this one! We need to find out what your major concerns are, how you use your space, what’s on your wishlist, and more before we can move into layouts.


Once we’ve discussed things fully, we will use our 3D imaging technology to render an image of the design layout we envision for your space. We take both function and appearance into account when designing. We will look over the rendering together and make any changes before we move forward.


The Designers at Kitchens by Oaks are looking forward to meeting with you and answering all of your questions about your new kitchen design. Call 585-349-8100 or contact us to get started!