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6 Biggest Kitchen Remodel Myths — Busted!

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? There’s a lot of misinformation out there about kitchen renovation. Kitchens by Oaks is ready to dispel the 6 biggest kitchen remodel myths for you.

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Bigger Is Always Better

In some homes, we have the ability to remove walls to make a kitchen larger, but that is not always the case. More often, due to structural elements or budget, we need to work within the space that we have — and that’s fine! If you feel the problem with your kitchen is size, it may just be that you can’t easily accomplish the tasks you want in the current design you have.


As designers, we will take the space you have and work out the functionality and flow of the room. By placing appliances, counters, and cabinets properly, your kitchen will seem bigger because you can move around efficiently and comfortably. Talk with us about what’s not working for you now, and we’ll focus on designing your kitchen for your needs.

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Remodel With the Newest Trends

There are always trendy options for kitchens. Whether it’s bold colors, using countertops as dining tables, or mix and match metals, you should not embrace a trend unless you are going to be able to live with it for a while! Going fully on-trend is guaranteed to look dated in a few years.


Your kitchen should be remodeled according to your functional needs and decorating tastes, not to try every trend on your Pinterest board. We can incorporate a current trend that you like and feature timeless elements in the rest of the design. Just tell us what you envision, and we can make it happen.

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DIY Will Be Fine

There are literally millions of search results for “DIY kitchen design” on Google. These results include online tools, layouts, software, and advice. Unfortunately, they don’t know you or your kitchen. None of the results are personalized to you, your home, or your abilities.


This is also true of “DIY kitchen remodel” results. You can view the tutorials, and how-to articles, but if you don’t have experience, you will probably find yourself in trouble.


Our job, as designers, is to listen. We take into account whether you are left or right-handed, what styles work best with your current home design, your biggest kitchen concerns, lighting, ventilation, and so much more. We think of all the things you may not have considered.


The installers at KBC are knowledgeable and experienced. At the end of your remodel, you can be sure that you’ll have a safe, functional kitchen that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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We Can Pick Lighting Later

Never make lighting an afterthought. Lighting is a key component of your overall design. Without proper lighting in a kitchen, cooking, eating, and performing any tasks will be more difficult. A kitchen needs to be well-lit. Consider that from the beginning.


We want to make sure you have appropriate lighting over your food prep areas, dining area, and storage areas. Every kitchen is different, so we will look at our options together to ensure your lighting is on point.

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Contractors Can Start Right Away

On home shows, the contractors magically show up right after the commercial break. In reality, it takes time. After we agree on a design and choose your cabinets, sink, faucet, countertops, flooring, lighting, and every detail associated with your new kitchen, we need to order everything. There is a waiting period while all of the necessary materials come in.


Our project manager, Josh, makes sure orders are placed and materials are received as efficiently as possible. When everything is aligned, he will contact you to schedule our time in your home.

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Over Budget = Cheaper Floor

As you’re choosing all of the elements for your new kitchen, you may find yourself going over the amount you wanted to spend. Many people decide to cheapen the type of flooring they choose in favor of upgrading other elements of the kitchen. This can backfire in a big way.


Your kitchen probably sees a lot of traffic. Because of this, the wear and tear on the floor is pretty high. If you go with a cheaper floor, you may have to rip it up in a couple of years to put in a new one.


We are here to help you decide how to spend your kitchen remodeling budget for the best results for your kitchen. We offer cabinets, countertops, and flooring from many manufacturers that fit any budget. As designers, we’ll help you maximize your spending plan so you end up with the best possible kitchen for your budget — and advise you where it is wisest to upgrade.


When you’re ready to start your kitchen remodel, call the designers at Kitchens by Oaks at 585-349-8100. We’re happy to get going on your design!