3 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Here To Stay

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Since 2010, Luxury Vinyl Flooring has been one of the fastest growing styles of flooring in America.

And for good reason - it has three major factors that homeowners love:

  1. it's super durable, and requires little-to-no maintenance or repairs;
  2. it's affordable by the square foot, while still proving upscale styles like hardwood and tile;
  3. it's easy to install, meaning you don't have to pay a fortune for labor, and might even be able to install it yourself.

Take a read and get more details on Luxury Vinyl Flooring, and see why more homeowners are choosing to install it, and why it's here to stay.


What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a style of hard flooring that replicates natural stone, ceramic tile and hardwood flooring.

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Depending on the look you want, it will come in tiles (for stone, ceramic, porcelain look) or in planks (for the hardwood look).  You can get it flat or textured just like the natural option.

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How It's Made (or, why it's so durable and stylish)

A photo-realistic design of either wood or ceramic/stone is embedded onto a core of vinyl, and then overlaid with two clear protective layers.

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1. Polyurethane coating 
+ UV, bacteria, & dirt resistant
+ easy to clean
+ prevents fading and discoloration

2. Wear Layer 
+ heavy-duty vinyl coating

3. Photo-realistic design layer 
+ the image of your flooring style selection

4. Vinyl Core 
+the layer on which your design is set

5. Vinyl Backing 
+ a solid, flat layer that ensures stability and evenness during installation. 


Pros and Cons

Luxury Vinyl Flooring prized for it's durability, high-quality style options & versatility, and ease of installation & maintenance.

The reality is that it's not hardwood, and it's not natural stone.  It's hard to replicate anything with 100% accuracy, so there are some complexities that will be lacking from LVT or LVP.

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At The End Of The Day 

A Luxury Vinyl Floor will look and feel very close to hardwood or stone, but won't include the installation & product costs, required maintenance, or issues with wear-and-tear.

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3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose
Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Recent developments in Luxury Vinyl Flooring have elevated its status to one of the most popular, well-received and in-demand flooring options available.  

Here are 3 reasons why you might find great success by looking into Luxury Vinyl Flooring first:



1. High-Quality Design Choices With Endless Variety

... Virtually any natural stone, ceramic or hardwood flooring design can be selected in the luxury vinyl option (via use of photo-realistic design layers) 

... Unlike other options, luxury vinyl can even include texture and depth, giving you the look and feel of a natural floor (without the cost) 

... Planks will lie together with natural-looking seams to replicate hardwood,and tile choices can installed with grout to mimic porcelain or stone.



2. Durability of the Core and the Design

... Plan for 10+ fairly maintenance-free years with most brands

... Luxury Vinyl Flooring is typically made of 5 layers: 2 core layers, the photo-realistic design layer, and 2 clear layers that protect your design

... The surface is exceptionally resistant to scratching, staining, or dents, and the protective layers keep your design from fading or dulling.

... The core layer won't warp or crack, and is resistant to most inconsistencies and issues that exist on the surface beneath your floor

... You'll have water resistance with your luxury vinyl floor (NOTE: Fusion Hybrid Flooring offers 100% waterproof flooring options

FUSION HYBRID FLOORING   Our preferred Luxury Vinyl Flooring Brand  Results from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) test

Our preferred Luxury Vinyl Flooring Brand
Results from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) test


3.  The Lifetime Value is Greater Than Most Other Options

... Over the course of it's lifetime, a Luxury Vinyl Floor will typically cost less than options like hardwood, tile, or stone, and even laminate and other composites - meaning you get a greater lifetime value from your investment

... Factors that contribute to a high lifetime value: 

  • little-to-no maintenance and recurring costs, unlike hardwood or vinyl composite tile which require consistent upkeep
  • extreme durability means floors last for 10+ years, much longer than a more inexpensive option like laminate
  • ease and low cost of installation, unlike hardwood or stone which requires specialists and intensive preparation
  • lower cost at the counter versus the price per square foot for natural hardwood, stone or ceramic


What Does That Mean For You?

If you're shopping for new flooring, you could likely save yourself time and money by looking at Luxury Vinyl flooring options first.

You'll find the design style that you're house needs, and won't have to worry about intricate installation details.

You'll pay a medium-level price per square foot at the counter, and will feel a great sense of value because you know your investment will last many years.

At home, you won't have to include any new cleaning habits into your routine, since Luxury Vinyl Flooring is low-maintenance and has a surface that doesn't let dirt or bacteria stick around.

Finally, you'll have peace of mind because you'll know that water, pets, stools & chairs won't damage your new floor.



Family, Friends and Neighbors may become extremely jealous of your new Luxury Vinyl floor

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