4 Storage Solutions That Make Life in the Kitchen Easier

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Creative, multi-tiered storage cabinets are ranked one of the top design trends of 2017, and our craftsmen have been working on new methods for years.

This article shows you 4 creative storage solutions that will totally make life in the kitchen easier.

Around the Stove

1 Stove View.JPG

When you’re pan-searing that delicious Mahi fillet, you’ve only got seconds to react.

You can’t be running across the kitchen for the smoked paprika, dried oregano, and Himalayan sea salt.

So why not keep all of your seasonings and spices handy near the stove.

2 Stove View 2.JPG

You can implement your spice rack right into the cabinets around your stove.

How many spices do you think can fit on this rack?  Is it enough for you? (It definitely is for me!)

Built into this cabinet set is more large storage spaces, too.  

3 Stove View 3.JPG

You can keep your mixing bowls nearby, as well as larger items like the bag of flour or brown sugar, oils, and more.


In the Island

If you’ve got an island in your kitchen, you’ll find that you use it equally for both storage and counter space.

4 Island View 2-1.JPG

But having just one, large space in the middle doesn’t always create the most efficient storage area.

Multi-tiered drawers like these can help keep things more organized.

5 Island View 2.JPG
7 Island View 2-2.JPG

You have the options to arrange by common size, or keep all the tools you need for one specific task in one area.

Like this area for the mixer.

6 Island Final view.JPG



Slide-out Drawers and Shelves

Raise your hand if you love getting down on all fours and reaching into the depths of your lower cabinets.

Anyone...anyone...... yea, me either.

8 Side Cabinet 2.JPG

Slide out drawers and shelves give your back a break by allowing you to see pretty much everything that’s in the space without having to climb into the cabinet.

9 Lower Cabinet.JPG

The silverware drawer isn’t so uncommon, but I do like this custom dual-layer organizer.

10 silverware cabinet 3.JPG
11 Silverware Top.JPG


Storage Wall

Whether or not you have a pantry, it’s likely you’ll be looking for more storage space for a few things.

What’s more, even if you have the space, you might not want to trek across the kitchen to grab it - especially while that Mahi’s on the stove and you're caramelizing pineapples in the broiler.

12 Vertical Cabinet 1.JPG

Having a wall of cabinets is super helpful in the kitchen and can help keep things near at hand without disrupting the style of your space.

Notice how the refrigerator - the coolest cabinet around (gosh, that's lame - sorry) - blends in seamlessly with the style of the cabinet wall.

In this example, you can see how there are different kinds of storage options, like slide out racks and shelves.

13 Vertical Cabinet 2.JPG

You can store baking sheets up top, near the oven and keep them organized with separators.

You can also add more slide-out cabinets on the lower level.

14 Vertical Cabinet 2-2.JPG

Just imagine how much you can store in this wall of cabinets, and how much easier would it be if everything was nearby.


So, what do you think?

Sometimes it's small things that make a big difference.

You might not need to redo your whole kitchen or get new cabinets, but adding some creative, useful storage solutions might give you

Michael Agnello