Hey, Nice Cabinet!

Corner Cabine Closed-min.jpeg

Hey, that's a nice cabinet.

How would you use a cabinet like this? What's your favorite part? Leave a comment down below:

Here are a few of my favorite things about it:

Corner Cabinet Open-min.jpeg
  • The Appliance Garage at the bottom. Notice how it's lip-less, so you can easily slide out your frequently used appliances (and slide them back in when you're finished).
  • Inset cabinet doors. When the doors close into the cabinet like this, it creates an appealing, upscale look. Notice how the door doesn't hang over the lip of the cabinet, but sits flush with the cabinet face. Real nice.
  • Multiple levels (and multiple openings). Above the appliance garage you see two more levels (and the middle level has several handy shelves to help with organization.
  • And, did you notice how you can open the cabinet from the front, or the side? When it's closed, it looks like just another side panel, but (whoosh) it opens as a cabinet.
  • Style up to the ceiling. I especially like the glass-front cabinet on the top level, and the finishing crown atop the whole unit.
Corner Cabinet Top-min.jpeg