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Create Your Home Office & Study Space

Thanks to COVID-19, many of us are still working from home — and are anticipating that our children will continue to spend at least some of their time learning online as the winter progresses. It’s important to have a dedicated space for work and study so that you and your kids can be as productive as possible.

Dedicated Space

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using a community space, like the kitchen or living room, to work and study, but a dedicated area for these uses yields better focus and higher productivity.

For Work

A dedicated office space in your home is critical for attending online meetings and taking care of your day-to-day workload effectively at home. Working in your kitchen or living room may work for a few days, but for longer periods, you need to consider a quiet space that’s appointed with an ergonomic chair, table or desk of a comfortable height, and some natural light to help you focus.


For School

Bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are areas that provide distractions. A dedicated study space that is located in a quiet area will make studying much easier for your child.
An optimal study space should be:

  • In a low-traffic area of your home, so there are fewer distractions
  • Spacious with room for books, notebooks, and laptop
  • Equipped with a power strip and laptop charger
  • Near a window for natural light, if possible
  • Have a good desk lamp
  • Have a comfortable chair
  • Free of television, computer games, and other electronic distractions

Your In-Home Office

The future is unpredictable. We don’t know how long we will be working from home or if this will happen again in the near future. If you would like to plan ahead and discuss adding an office in your home, call 585.349.8100 to speak with a designer at Kitchens by Oaks.


We’re happy to help you design an office and study space, complete with study space for your student, that will flow with your style and interior design. Call us today!