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Creating Your Kosher Kitchen

The perfect kitchen is a blend of great looks and function. In a kosher kitchen, function is especially important. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, discuss the unique considerations that are necessary for keeping it kosher with your designer. The designers at Kitchens by Oaks are experts in the kitchen remodeling space and can help you create a kosher kitchen you’ll love.

Double Appliances

Two sinks, two ovens, and two dishwashers will go a long way toward keeping foods separate. The main issue with this is the space needed for the extra appliances. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may have to give up some cabinets. You may be able to choose an extra sink over a second dishwasher if space is a problem. Talk to your designer honestly about your needs, space, and budget to find the best solutions.


Consider looking at Star-K kosher-friendly appliances for use on the Sabbath. Star-K states that the modern kosher kitchen must allow the ability to Kasher the countertops for Pesach. They suggest several brands and offer further advice for kitchens on their website.


The Storage Challenge

Keep in mind that you’ll need storage for at least two sets of dishes — more if you have formal dishes and special dishes for Passover — and room for double silverware, glassware, pots, and pans. Consider everything you will need to store separately in your kitchen and let your designer know so that they can plan to use space efficiently and effectively.



Not all countertops are created equal. Granite, marble, and stainless steel may all be kashered. You cannot Kasher composite countertops.


Your Kosher Kitchen

The best way to get the kitchen you need is to speak with the designers at Kitchens by Oaks. They are experts in kitchen design and can help you work with the space you have to meet the requirements you need.


Make your kosher kitchen beautiful and functional. Call 585-349-8100 to speak with a designer at Kitchens by Oaks today.