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Planning Your Magnificent Kitchen Remodel

You might not need a celebrity chef like Giada De Laurentiis or Bobby Flay to prepare you for your upcoming kitchen remodel. But a good plan and a top-notch designer are still the secrets to success. We’re here to help!

Ready to Start Planning?  

The smaller the number of sub-projects, the less time the remodel should take – unless some essential items are special orders. Minor contingencies should be part of your calculations as you develop a kitchen remodeling checklist and timeline.   

Getting Started With Your Budget 

Before doing anything else, write down your vision, goals, and budget for the project. Be realistic about the budget. And the money you’ve set aside for the kitchen project should go into a bank account exclusively for it.  

What follows is a sample checklist of common budget items for kitchen remodeling.  

Professional services and construction labor:  

    • Kitchen designer  
    • Builders/carpenters  
    • Electrician  
    • Plumber  
    • Other  
    • Total $_______  
  • Inspection/permit costs $____  
  • Appliances $_____  
  • Cabinets $_____  
  • Cabinet knobs and handles $_____  
  • Light fixtures $_____  
  • Cabinet hardware $____  
  • Sink $_____  
  • Faucet $_____  
  • Countertops $_____  
  • Backsplash $_____  
  • Flooring $_____  
  • Exhaust fan $_____  
  • Ceiling material $_____  
  • Window and door trim $_____  
  • Drywall and cement board $_____  
  • Paint and primer $____  
  • Misc. fixtures/furniture/decorations $_____  
  • Tile adhesive $_____  
  • Drywall installation materials $_____  
  • Caulk $_____  
  • Electrical and plumbing materials $_____  
  • Additional features______________________________________$____  

  Total $_______  


The first hire you make should be a professional kitchen designer — someone who can give you an honest opinion on how well your draft budget and timeline will work and help you think of anything that might be missing.


What You Can Expect Along the Way 

It’s helpful to plan your timeline by phases. Each phase is like a drawer in a file cabinet, in that the addition of new items doesn’t disrupt the overall organization and sequencing. This timeline will be your “go-to” document, so be sure to adapt and make notes as needed.


Time to Get Psyched for the Project (Phase 1)  

Although very little about your kitchen changes during this early phase, it’s an essential one, nonetheless. Your thought processes and the advice you get from others will play a significant part in the project’s overall success.  


  • Measure the space  
  • Source materials and furnishings  
  • Meet with your kitchen designer  
  • Apply for any needed permits  
  • Anticipate and plan for obstacles  
  • Review and update your budget  

Placing Your Orders (Phase 2)

This phase is still preparatory to the actual remodeling. Here, you order the products to be used and installed (and make sure they arrive in good condition). You also plan for your household cooking needs for the months to follow.  


  • Choose and order appliances  
  • Choose and order cabinets  
  • Order products to accent the new kitchen furnishings and materials  
  • Establish a temporary kitchen

It’s for Real Now! (Phase 3)

This phase is when the action begins. Go ahead and tear away at your old kitchen! Then, allow the builders to take care of the preliminary construction work.  


  • Make structural changes  
  • Rough-in plumbing and electrical  
  • Drywall and paint  
  • Lay flooring 

Start Installing the New Built-In Products (Phase 4)

  At this stage, you get to see your new kitchen emerge!  

  • Install cabinets  
  • Install countertops  
  • Install backsplash 

The Final Touches
 (Phase 5)  

And that’s it! Add these last touches and enjoy your new kitchen!    

  • Add decorative hardware, lighting, etc.  
  • Install appliances and fixtures  
  • Clean up! 

Your New Kitchen!  

What can we say – other than CONGRATULATIONS! This kitchen remodel looks like a job well done for all of us. Don’t forget us now, though. Keep in touch with Kitchens by Oaks so we can be part of your next kitchen update. Or maybe a bathroom remodel…?  

We’re your source for kitchen design in Rochester, NY. We do bathrooms too. Reach out to us!