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Kitchen and Bath Design Portfolio

Basement Bar Upgrade in Greece, NY

Bold Marble Bathroom in Hilton, NY

Bright Spacious Bathroom in Mumford, NY

Bright Welcoming Kitchen Remodel in Rochester, NY

Classic Shaker-Style Kitchen Remodel in Brockport, NY

Cozy Comfort Bathroom in Spencerport, NY

Elegant Entertainment Kitchen in West Henrietta, NY

Galley Style Kitchen Remodel in Hilton, NY

Industrial x Classic Kitchen in
Geneseo, NY

Kitchen Island Renovation in
Brighton, NY

Kitchen Remodel in Canandaigua, NY

Luxurious Minimal Kitchen in
Penfield, NY

Luxury Modern Wood Kitchen in
Leroy, NY

Modern Blue and White Kitchen Remodel in Webster, NY

Modern Comfort Bathroom Remodel in Churchville, NY

Modern Island-Style Kitchen in Rochester, NY

Modern Minimalist Bathroom in Fairport, NY

Open and Bright Kitchen Remodel in Rochester, NY

Open and Bright Kitchen Remodel in Fairport, NY

Open Concept Island Kitchen Remodel in Irondequoit, NY

Open Concept Kitchen in
Canandaigua, NY

Open-Style Expansive Kitchen in Holley, NY

Peninsula Style Countertop in Rochester, NY

Refined Comfort Bathroom Remodel in Webster, NY

Shaker-Style Kitchen Remodel in Rochester, NY

Soft Contemporary Kitchen in Bergen, NY

Soft Two-Tone Wood Kitchen in
Victor, NY

Spacious Modern Style Bathroom in Chili, NY

Traditional Kitchen Remodel in
Gates, NY

Traditional Kitchen Renovation in Pittsford, NY

Traditional Style Kitchen Remodel in Rochester, NY

U-Shaped Kitchen Renovation in Rochester, NY

Welcoming Island-Style Kitchen in Brighton, NY

Welcoming Wood-Based Kitchen in Gates, NY

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