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free design consultation

The Best Way to Start A Remodeling Project

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 3 Easy, Free Steps to Get Your Project Started Right

Start with a Free Design Consultation

Call (585) 352-4011 or fill in the form to request an email from our designer

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01 | Meet Sierra

A 15 minute phone call to meet our designer and tell her about what you're looking for.

02 | In-Home Measure

Your in-home measure, so she can see your space and get a better idea about the details of the project.

03 | Design and Estimate

Then she'll take what she's learned and draft a design, and give you an estimate for your project.

A free consultative process to put information in your hands

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Getting started with a new remodeling project should feel fun and exciting.

You'll be transforming your kitchen and bath, adding serious value to your property, and giving your friends and family a new, enriched experience in your home.

Our mission is to help you take all of your creative ideas, inspirations and goals, and translate them into industry standard practices that can be installed beautifully, efficiently, and affordably.

We want to give you the information to make the best decisions for your home, so you get the greatest results for the investment you make, and make significant improvements to your kitchen and bath.

As you get started with the research process, you might discover that it feels like there are tons of different options for each part of the project - and in many cases that's true.

But as you narrow down on your goals, determine how much you're comfortable investing, and cross off all the items you don't need or want, it starts to become more fun.

The purpose of the Free Design Consultation is to shortcut your research process, and help you discover your real options quickly so you can make the best decision for your home and family.

Whether you're ready to remodel today or tomorrow, getting this information will be helpful because it starts your project off on the right foot.

Get your questions answered, see what your new kitchen or bath will look like in a 360° Design, and get an estimate - all before you invest a dime.

Then get a new kitchen that matches your design.  (Can you spot the difference between this photo and the design?  The homeowners wanted lighter countertops after seeing what the dark ones would look like.)