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Simulate Your New Countertops With Your Smartphone

See Cambria® designs on your own countertops, islands, and more with the new Augmented Reality (AR) app.

Just use your Apple device to scan the surface, then select the design you want and you'll instantly see it at home in your own kitchen.


Here's How It Works



Step 1: Scan your surface


Open Cambria AR and move your device around your space to scan your entire surface. Gold dots and grid lines will appear as you scan, which allows Cambria AR to map your surface. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, the app will prompt you to step two: outlining your surface.


  • Scan slowly to allow Cambria AR to map your surface. The more gold dots you see, the better your placement of Cambria designs.
  • If the scanning progress has slowed, try moving around your space and getting closer or further away from the surface.
  • Want to re-scan your space? Tap the arrow in the upper left and the scan will reset.

Step 2: Set your surface outline


Tap anywhere on your screen to place pinpoints to mark the edges of your surface. We recommend placing at least four markers, but you can place more than four to account for L-shaped kitchens or other variations. When the border is set, press on the check mark to proceed.


  • Misplaced a marker? No worries! Just press and hold on the gold markers to drag the pinpoint as needed.
  • As with scanning, it's best to walk around your space and get your device as close to the surface when placing outline marks.
  • Currently, Cambria AR can only operate for one surface at a time. So, you'll have to visualize your island and perimeter separately.

Step 3: Select a Cambria design


With your surface area outlined, you are ready to choose the Cambria design that best suits your space and style. Scroll through the designs and tap on the arrow when you've made your selection. You'll be able to take pictures and save them to your device for sharing with family, friends, and your designer, or builder. 


  • Want to take pictures of multiple Cambria designs? Tap the back arrow in the upper left and select another Cambria design.
  • Don't forget, you can walk around your space to see Cambria from different angles.
  • Share screenshots on social media to get opinions from friends and family. And don't forget to share with your designer, Sierra!

Instructions from Cambria Quartz website.