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School’s out, skies are sunny, and—unfortunately—it’s scorching hot. While you may think you’re safe from the heat indoors thanks to air conditioning, the appliances in your kitchen can still make a home feel pretty toasty. While it may feel great in fall and winter, using your kitchen in the same way during summer can quickly make things uncomfortable. Keep your kitchen cool and comfortable all summer long with these tips.


1. Avoid The Oven as Much as Possible

Depending on what you need to cook, avoiding the oven entirely may be impossible. That said, there are a lot of alternative ways to prepare your meal. If you have the counter space for it, smaller appliances such as an instant pot, toaster oven, air fryer, or even a microwave release much less heat into your home than a large oven. Even your stovetop might be producing excess warmth!


2. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is on the top of the list of summer kitchen safety tips and one of the easiest ways to stay cool in a hot environment. It’s easy to underestimate how much cooking can take out of you especially in warmer temperatures. Always keep water nearby when working in the kitchen. You can also pop some lemon in it for extra electrolytes and refreshment! If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, consider adding a hydration station somewhere nearby.


3. Cook While It’s Cool

It may be annoying to plan when you cook around the temperature outside but it’s not as annoying as your house being stuffy all day. Prepare meals for the week on cooler days so you have leftovers to eat on hotter days. This way, you won’t have to turn on any heat-producing appliances and keep your kitchen cooler. Making sure your kitchen has proper ventilation will also help regulate the temperature.


4. Open Your Windows in the Mornings and Close the Blinds in the Afternoon

When you wake up in the morning, it’s usually still cool outside. Take advantage of this by opening up your windows to let your home breathe out all of yesterday’s hot air. As the day goes on and it starts getting warmer outside, close the house back up and close any blinds or shutters you have open to block the sun. Choosing light colors for your kitchen can also help to keep a space cooler as dark colors absorb more sunlight and therefore warmth.


5. Embrace No-Cook Meals

Salads, cold cut sandwiches, cold noodle dishes, sushi, or other no-cook meals are a great option to avoid the hot stove and keep your kitchen nice and cool. Dishes that are meant to be served cold will also feel especially refreshing on hot summer days.


6. Cook Outside

Get some fresh air and fire up the grill whenever possible! While the outdoors cannot be cooled down with any tricks, the heat from the grill won’t be trapped between walls and insulation. Plus, all of the cooking done outside keeps that excess heat away from the oven indoors. If you don’t have a nice outdoor cooking station, it might be a good idea to invest in a deck or patio to improve your outdoor living area.


7. Improve Kitchen Air Circulation

Improving circulation can be as easy as bringing in a new fan. While fans don’t actually change the air temperature, the increased circulation helps to make the heat more bearable. Adding a ceiling fan is a great way to improve your kitchen. Make sure that your stove also has a working vent hood; neglecting to vent the heat from the stove will make the kitchen so much hotter.


8. Take Advantage of Heat-Resistant Kitchen Materials

Certain materials resist heat better than others. Granite countertops, for example, withstand hot temperatures very well. KraftMaid offers thermofoil finishes for white cabinets to help prevent against damage caused by hot temperatures, especially around the stove.


9. Invest in Energy-Efficient Kitchen Cooling

Energy-efficient windows will help your kitchen stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while saving your money on your energy bill. Modern window technology offers superior insulation from both heat and cold. If your windows are old or showing signs of failing, it’s probably past due to replace them.


10. Revamp Your Kitchen Design For Hot Weather

It seems like summers only get hotter with each passing year so as you plan your kitchen renovation, keep the summertime heat in mind. Choosing lighter colors for cabinets and countertops will help. One of the best kitchen cooling tips is to move to an open floorplan for your home. Everything, including hot and cool air, will flow in and out of your kitchen well.


If you’re ready to redo your kitchen to better suit the summer weather, contact us at Kitchens by Oaks and we can come up with a plan for the best possible summertime kitchen!

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