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What Are Your Plants Telling You?

Have you invested in some houseplants to liven up your home? Are they looking strong and healthy? If not, we may be able to help. Read on to find out what your plants are telling you about their health.

Stretchy and Spindly

Plants that are stretching towards natural light need just that — more sun. Move the plant closer to the natural light source and pinch off the top inch of its stem along with any spent flowers. This will encourage new lateral growth.


No Flowers

When you invest in a flowering plant and raise it to maturity, you expect flowers. What if you have plenty of foliage, yet no blooms? Check the soil for nitrogen. There’s likely an imbalance and excess nitrogen is the problem. Stop adding any plant foods or fertilizers and use water to flush the nitrogen out of the soil.


Yellow Leaves

Yellowed leaves are usually indicative of overwatering. You may water all of your plants at the same time, but that may not suit their needs. Differences in plant and pot sizes impact how quickly they utilize water. For most plants, water only when the soil is dry — not just on the surface, but one to two inches deep.


Missing Leaves

A plant that should be lush but looks sparse is under watered. Plants need water to sprout new growth. Other indicators that your plant needs water include dry, brown leaves and drooping or wilting leaves.


Brown, Crisp Leaves

Leaves that are browning and crisp around the edges are likely not getting enough water — it isn’t reaching the tips of the leaves — and too much sunlight. Increase water and move out of direct sunlight to remedy this condition.


Misshapen or Discolored Leaves

Leaves that appear misshapen or discolored indicate that your plant is being overwatered. Don’t water until the soil is dry.


Pale Leaves

Plants with leaves that should be a gorgeous color but are pale have new needs. Your plant has likely outgrown the pot that it is in. Try repotting in a bigger pot and add an appropriate plant food for the type of plant. Ask for tips at your local greenhouse or farm market.


Pay Attention to Your Plant’s Needs

Your plants communicate via the look of their leaves. Take a closer look at your plants today to see what they are trying to tell you.


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