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Your Pets & Your Kitchen Remodel

You’re remodeling your kitchen and considering options to make the space family-friendly. Your pets are important members of your household and will share the new kitchen with you, so it’s a good idea to keep them in mind when making your remodeling plans.


Your Pets and Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often a focal point for the family. This includes furry family members! Think of how often your pup or kitten is in the kitchen area to eat, nap, or play. Keep them safe in the kitchen with a few ideas from our designers.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great choice for kitchens in general but especially for those with pets. Laminates are scratch-resistant and extremely easy to clean. Steer away from darker shades if your pet sheds — fur is more visible on dark flooring.


Carpet Runners

Laminate floors are excellent for their versatility and ease of cleaning, but they can be slippery for little paws. Choose rubber-backed carpet runners to make pets feel comfortable walking in the kitchen.


Your pets love to spend time with you, so these runners will also provide comfortable places for your pets to sit or nap while keeping you company in the kitchen.


Pro tip: Choose a runner that is easy to spot clean or wash and keep in mind that lighter colors show less fur.


Pull-Out Trash Bins

Have you ever come home to your kitchen trash spilled and spread all over? Been afraid your dog or cat has eaten something they shouldn’t have? Keep your pets out of the trash with built-in pull-out trash and recycling bins. Your trash will be hidden, and your pets will be safe.


Kitchen Hardware

Choose knobs or handles that look great and have no sharp edges for you or your pet to get hurt on. You may want to avoid highly polished hardware because paws and noses leave lots of smudges!


Special Features

A newer trend for pet-friendly kitchens is a crate that is built into the cabinetry. This is a great idea if you usually keep a crate or pet bed in the kitchen. You’ll have a safe place for your pet that nobody will trip over!


Ask us about other ideas for special features for your pets!


Your Kitchen — Uniquely Yours

When you work with one of our designers, your kitchen will not only be perfect for you — it will be perfect for your pet as well. Contact us today to start planning a kitchen remodel for your whole family!