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Top 5 New Kitchen Features for Busy Families

Life can be crazy! Your kids have school, you have work, there are after school activities, errands, and a dozen other places you have to drive your children, parents, spouse, or even pets to. Even when everyone is home, it can be a struggle to make sure that meals are prepared on time, the house is cleaned up, and everyone gets enough sleep.


Is your kitchen built for your busy lifestyle or is the chaos keeping your family from being as happy and efficient as you could be? Here are the top five kitchen upgrades that will make your busy family’s life a little easier.


1. Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is definitely first on the list of kitchen must-haves for a hectic lifestyle. It’s easiest to incorporate a breakfast bar by doubling as the kitchen island; all that’s really needed is an overhanging countertop and a few stools for seating. Breakfast bars are a convenient way to start your morning; the kids are able to sit and eat while you tackle any early morning kitchen chores, such as meal prep for later or finishing up some dishes, all while being able to keep an eye on the children. Many homes find the breakfast bar so convenient that they use it more than the dining table!


2. Easy to Clean Surfaces

With a busy family, messes are inevitable. Save yourself time and effort by investing in materials that are known for their ease of maintenance. Quartz or laminate countertops are easy to wipe down and stain-resistant while porcelain is known to be almost entirely stain proof. Stainless steel appliances are quick and easy to clean up as well. Spend more time with your family or running around doing other tasks where you might otherwise spend it cleaning.


3. Pantry Remodel for Accessible Kitchen Storage

Children learn by watching their parents work and often love to help out around the home, slowly becoming more independent and self-sufficient as they grow. Unfortunately, many shelves and drawers may be too tall and inaccessible for little ones who are ready to help mom or dad in the kitchen. Reformatting the pantry with a child’s reach in mind can allow them to grab their own snacks, with permission of course. Teaching your children to feed themselves not only is great for their development but also streamlines your household; you won’t have to drop everything just to fuss over snacktime!


4. Open Floor Plan

It’s becoming more and more common to blur the lines between the kitchen and living room wherever possible to do so. Busy families especially benefit from an open floor plan for similar reasons to the breakfast bar; the ease of movement means that everyone can interact and spend time together no matter which of the two rooms they’re in. The combined kitchen and living room becomes a much more social space to gather your busy family.


5. Better Landing Zones

Every home has landing zones but those that are unplanned often turn very messy very quickly. The pile of shoes by the door, keys strewn across the counter, or coats thrown over a chair are all evidence of a landing zone. Improving the landing zones in your kitchen helps to keep the area tidy, streamline busy mornings, and organize the things that need to leave the house with you or your children. Your new landing zones may be a basket or tray where you leave your keys and wallet after coming home, an area of the countertop that you use for small appliances or meal prep work, or even just a container that holds the cooking utensils near the stove. We particularly love this charging drawer from KraftMaid for an out of sight, out of mind landing zone for all of our electronics.


Working with an experienced designer can help you plan a household that runs as smoothly and efficiently as a busy life can allow. The expert designers at Kitchens by Oaks will work with you to create an amazing, user-friendly kitchen that functions perfectly for your busy family. Contact us today to get started with your free design consultation.

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