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How To Update Your Kitchen With Color


As your yard begins to show signs of new life, it’s time to bring the feeling of vitality and renewal into your home. Bring spring inside by adding color with décor, paint, and more. Your kitchen experts at Kitchens by Oaks have put together a list of ideas to help you get started. Need more inspiration? Give us a call at 585-349-8100 to schedule a consultation.


Get Adventurous With Spring Colors

Color trends for spring 2024 include bright, playful colors like pink and aqua. New neutral trends encompass rich browns, buttery yellows, and blush tones. Ultimately, color in your kitchen is an expression of your personality and up to you to pick what tones you’d like to see everyday. 

Some may find that soft neutrals and pastels are more in line with their moods, while others turn to bright, bold colors. The hues you choose and how much color you incorporate into your space are all personal preferences and entirely up to you.


Adding Color to Your Kitchen: Design Elements

Want to step out of your neutral color safe zone but need help figuring out how? First, we’ll take a look at some design elements you can add to your kitchen without completely overhauling your space.


Flowers and Décor

A bouquet is your lowest commitment approach to adding color. Visit your florist and ask them to create a bouquet of the color you’re attracted to, including several variations of the color. For example, a bouquet of pink flowers that has blooms from hot pink to salmon to blush. Place the flowers in a prominent place in your kitchen, like on your kitchen table or countertop. If the color doesn’t feel right, you can simply swap out the flowers for a new bouquet with a different color. 

Many home décor stores carry a variety of home accessories grouped by color. Vases, candles, pictures, and other items add pops of color without the long-term commitment. These can also be changed each season for a fresh look.


Vibrant Cookware or Dishes

Adding colorful cookware or dishes to your kitchen works best with glass-fronted cabinets or open shelving so they’re visible when not used. When you have guests over for dinner, you can bring out your dishware to showcase your favorite springtime color palettes and add cohesion to the space.


Adding Color To Your Kitchen: Renovation Updates

In addition to adding more simple style choices to brighten up your kitchen, there are other color upgrades you can make that’ll revamp where you cook and relax. Read on to learn about how you can add timely renovations to your kitchen.


Colorful Backsplash

Backsplashes are a standard in most kitchens. Update yours with a pop of color that adds contrast to your kitchen’s current color scheme. Consider different backsplash materials such as glass or porcelain tile, marble, stone or even wood to upgrade your kitchen space. Utilizing a new backsplash is a great place to try a bright hue to accentuate your kitchen colors.


Walls and Cabinets

Over time, the walls and cabinets in your kitchen can begin to look dull and dirty. Renew your cooking area with a new color on the walls or replace your cabinets with an updated hue and material. Our experienced kitchen design team is happy to help you find colors that add vibrance to your home.



Is it time for a new kitchen floor? Consider trying out a new color to add more depth to your kitchen. Rich brown hardwoods, laminates, or luxury vinyl bring unique elegance to the room your family spends the most time in.


Experience the creativity and expertise of our female-led design team at Kitchens by Oaks. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and let us bring your dream kitchen or bath to life.


Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

Invite spring into your home! You’ll be amazed at the difference color makes in your space. Our expert kitchen designers are here to help you visualize your kitchen in color — whether it’s with paint, cabinets, or flooring. Don’t feel blue, make others green with envy over your new colorful kitchen. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Author | Sierra Zaremba, General Manager