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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This recipe makes 15-20 medium strawberries. Total cooking time takes roughly 20 minutes.



16 oz. Milk Chocolate Chips
2 Tablespoons Shortening
Toothpicks or Skewers
1 lb. Fresh Strawberries


Optional Decoration

White Chocolate Chips
Colored Candy Melts – We recommend pink or red for Valentine’s Day
Paper Cupcake Liners



Step 1

Melt the milk chocolate and shortening together in a double boiler, stirring occasionally until smooth.


Step 2

Insert toothpicks or skewers into the top (stem end) of the strawberries, making sure it is secure. Hold the strawberry by the toothpick and dip it into the melted chocolate mixture, coating thoroughly.


Step 3

Turn the strawberry upside down to stick the other end of the toothpick or skewer into a styrofoam block. Alternatively, place the chocolate covered strawberry on a sheet of waxed paper.


Step 4

If desired, add sprinkles to the strawberry before the chocolate cools. Sprinkle the decoration carefully on top.


Step 5

Once the chocolate has cooled, if desired, melt white chocolate or candy melts in a double boiler, stirring until smooth. Dip a spoon into the melted candy and lightly drizzle on top of the chocolate covered strawberries.


Step 6

Remove the toothpicks or skewers and place each strawberry in its own cupcake wrapper to serve, if desired.

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Author | Sierra Zaremba, General Manager